I Feel Your Pain–Wearing Dresses During the 1947 NY Blizzard

1947 Blizzard

Life.com has a great slideshow of images from the 1947 blizzard that blanketed New York and caused quite a bit of mayhem, and all the photos are interesting and beautiful, but one stood out to me.



For those ladies out there who live a vintage lifestyle, and dress appropriately to your era, you already know why this photo makes me shiver. For everyone who’s never worn a 40s-length dress and kerchief during a blizzard, especially trudging in the darkness to your destination, I don’t recommend it, lol!

How great is the guy on skiis? I so want to try that  during one of our heavy snowfalls! ^_^

Photos: AMC Releases ‘Mad Men’ Season 6 HQ Promos

Mad Men

Oooh, extra joy! One of my favorite shows for the last few years, Mad Men, has been on a long hiatus since the end of season 5, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s return.

Thank the gods, I won’t have much longer to wait since the two hour premiere is coming up April 7th! But if you’re having as hard a time waiting for the return of the glitz that accompanies the Jet Age, here are a handful of HQ (ish) promotional photos just released by AMC!

These are probably my favorite promos from this show, not because of the clothes (I actually hate this point in the 60s fashion-wise), but because of how it’s staged to look like candid shots at a cocktail party. Sally looks so grown up, doesn’t she?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tiled gallery below in case you’d like to see the full versions:

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The Old Countries: Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv Israel

Nothing big, just something I’ve been wanting to do. I’ve decided to use Google Map/Earth to profile tiny bits of the various origin lands of my family in a series called, ‘The Old Countries’.

The first being not too too far from where my GGG Grandfather was born. A gorgeous street in Tel Aviv, Israel – heads up, you’re likely going to see a lot of Israel in this series, but I promise to break it up with other homelands. ;)

I chose this street because of it’s beauty. It looks like a lovely postcard, doesn’t it?

Review: Gosford Park (2001)

Gosford Park 0000

Yes, I know I’ve slacked my butt off when it comes to updated VG, but I’m giving myself a swift kick in the backside to finally post, so I thought I’d write up a mini review of one of my all-time favorite films – Gosford Park.

Gosford Park is star-studded, if you happen to agree with me that Stephen Fry, Maggie Smith and Kelly MacDonald are super-stars. And if you’re a fan of period films or television made in the last fifteen years, then you’ve seen the actors that people the cast a dozen times before.

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The film takes place in 1932, against the backdrop of a shooting party at a lavish English country house that’s interrupted violently when one of the people in the house is murdered. Of course, everyone’s a suspect – but it’s not your average murder mystery. The real meat of the story lies in the relationships between guests, including their servants, ladies maids, valets, etc.

If you’re familiar with Julian Fellowes work, then you might already be aware that Gosford Park is a study in the separate worlds of the rich and those in service to them.

The guests all bring their baggage, and in any other film it would make a mess of the plot but in Gosford Park the storylines play out almost as individual dramas thanks to the several secluded rooms and spaces. Spousal dramas, inter-tax bracket gossip, past ghosts and conspiracies all feel like they’re entirely removed from the rest of the plot without being disjointed and out of place.

The costuming and set design flow beautifully, and these are two points that normally make or break a period film for me. You can have great clothes and awful hair and make up (or vice versa), or great sets and awful clothes and props – the hair is almost never right. Ever. But not this time – this time they had gone above and beyond to make damn sure I didn’t have much to complain about.

In fact, I can’t think of anything to complain about. 15 out of 5 stars, lovely film. Gosford Park is for instant play on Netflix streaming, and Hulu.

Review: Gelber & Manning’s “Moonlight Picnic”

Moonlight Picnic by Gelber and Manning

As some of you may know I work switchboard for a radio show that features a vintage lifestyle themed show on Wednesdays called the Vintage Lifestyle Hour and recently they started playing new “old” music, meaning old fashioned musical acts, during their breaks and one of the albums currently on their playlist is Gelber & Manning‘s new album Moonlight Picnic.

So far I’ve had By The Light of the Silver Moon and Mandy on repeat (both in my head and via the switchboard), and I’m actually loving it even more than Gelber & Manning Goes Public (which has my favorite from them, Poor Butterfly) and that’s saying a lot since it’s another that’s on repeat for me.

Even among vintage acts you don’t get this level of authenticity often, it’s very rare to hear a jazz piano like Gelber’s and Manning’s voice is clear, young and bright – and above all they really get it.

I’ll go into the track listing and whatnot when I get some time, but do yourself a favor and head to GelberandManning.com and at least listen to their stuff, you won’t be disappointed!

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