Fingerwaves – Tutorial?


I’m seriously considering writing up a tutorial for finger waving
using your actual hands and a comb and not pincurls. I don’t have any
problem with finger waves using pincurls, but I find that they don’t
have the a very authentic look and authenticity is part of what I love
about all this fun vintage stuff!

Here’s a crappy picture of my crappy hair (pardon my need to
re-color), but this picture shows the sharp, angular wave I’m talking
about. I did that wave in about 2 minutes, and while it may not be
perfect (messy!) it’s still done using an early 1930s method that I
think is too good not to share.

So what do you think? Finger wave tutorial on my next shampoo and set day?

2 Responses to Fingerwaves – Tutorial?

  1. Brittany-Va-voomVintage says:

    yes, pretty please!!!

  2. Faith says:

    I’m definitely open to it! I need a camera that isn’t on my phone, lol! I think VLR is going to have a tutorial-a-thon for vintage hair, I may do it then. :)